Weibo KOLs

In this blog, I would like to talk about weibo KOLs in China. KOL is known as key opinion leaders and weibo is a microblogging in China. Many of we-media in China starts from weibo. Just as blog-using, weibo users can upload words, pictures and small videos.

Weibo owns a huge user base of which active users reached 222 million per month by the 3rd season of 2015. On weibo, people share their opinions about the hot issues and their daily life.

Some microbloggers share their feelings and lives that make emotional connection with their followers. Some microbloggers show their comic that attract increasing followers.

With hundreds and thousands of followers, these microbloggers become famous and their comments on the latest topics influence the public. For Public Relation agency, weibo KOL are as important as media and celebrities.

There are several types of KOLs on weibo. Below are some introduction and recommendation for those who are new to weibo and weibo KOLs.



屏幕快照 2016-05-30 下午9.46.07

Screenshot from: Davidhothot weibo

Davidhothot is an Australian guy who posted a video of 5 reasons he loves China and got massively spread. Although differences between life in Australia and China are massive, Iove both countries. I have to admit that I love the air in Australia as much as I love Taobao in China. LOL This is the video you never want to miss out.

Dogs and Cats Lovers

HuiYiZhuanYongXiaoMaJia(回忆专用小马甲,English meaning: an account of memory), also known as XiaoMaJia, is a weibo account of a young man with 25 million followers.


The cute dog is called Niuniu. It is famous for its smiling face and fear of thunder.







The Scottish Fold was named Duanwu (In Chinese, Duanwu means Dragon Boat Festival.) for its was bought on that festival. Comparing with Niuniu, it is more chilled and naughty. Xiaomajia said Duanwu loved doing splits.




Beauty and Fashion

屏幕快照 2016-05-30 下午9.50.43

Screenshot from: Makeup Artist MK weibo

The make-up artist MK is a recently trending beauty blogger. She shares making hair and cosmetics tips with her increasing 0.7 million followers.

She posts videos about her favorite products, new cosmetics products trials, makeup tutorial and hair-doing tutorial.

Her latest video is about how long can CPB foundation products stay without reapplying.


屏幕快照 2016-05-30 下午9.45.59

Screenshot from: gogoboi weibo


Gogoboi is the most popular and male fashion blogger on weibo. Once he was a publicist and had a great sense of fashion. In his weibo, he gives recommendations on the hottest fashion items (Blazers). My favorite part of his weibo is the ultimate fashion summaries of the latest TV dramas and movies. (Alice in Wonderland Two)


Mini-video blogger

屏幕快照 2016-05-30 下午9.45.48

Screenshot from: WangXiaoQiang weibo

WangXiaoQiang is a guy from Shanghai. Now he has 0.5 followers on weibo. Apart from others, he likes to do the video with his beautiful mother which I think is very cute. The video I love most is his mother do his make-up with her eyes closed. It is so hilarious.




屏幕快照 2016-05-30 下午10.26.36

Screenshot from: Papi weibo

Papi is the most trending vlogger on weibo. She first got famous in September 2015 and now she has over 13 million followers. Her incisive and aggressive tone in the video attracts people the most. Her videos are mainly about the latest social issues.

My favorite Papi video is about her idea of the current female social status. It was so true and made me feel resonated with her.I hope there will be a version with English subtitles soon. But you can see her strong attitude through her face, tone and gestures.



屏幕快照 2016-05-30 下午9.47.12

Screenshot from: ShiTuZi weibo

a dog

Book cover of A Dog Pic from: ShiTuZi weibo

ShiTuZi got his fame by his comic“A Dog”. It tells a story of a man who happened toswitch his soul with his dog and the follow-up funny stories. In the comic, he even included other weibo KOL like those special guests in movies. Now he has published “A Dog” as a comic book.






屏幕快照 2016-05-30 下午9.45.33

Screenshot from: TongDao Uncle weibo

TongDaoUncle is a weibo of horoscope comics with more than 10 million followers. He uses comics to illustrate 12 constellations’ behaviors and characters.

Below are 12 icons of constellations in his horoscope comics. Can you guess which one represents your constellation?


Happy Dragon Boat Festival (12 constellations icons with TongDao Uncle in the middle) Pic from: TongDao Uncle weibo